Brian J. Zink-TV Producer


Brian Zink is a producer with over 25 years experience in television and digital content production. Currently, Brian is teamed up with amFILMS HD, inc. and Director David S. Barron, developing non-fiction and fiction TV. In 2015, Barron and Zink sold the trademark rights for FootballTOWN USA to NFL Network, for their reality series-FootballTOWN: Barrow Alaska. One development project, CALLING ANGEL ONE an episodic television series, is a project near and dear to Zink.

As a tenured member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, he has also co-produced their first 3D, Hi/Def and Ultra-HD Professional development seminars that were video taped and live streamed:  Ultra High Def REVOLUTION; 3D Television …The Eyes Have It;The New Now of Television; HighDef REVOLUTION 2; TAPE-LESS REVOLUTION; NEXT-TV #2 Forum; NEXT-TV #1 Forum.  Currently he’s a Judge for the EMMY AWARDS serves on their Blue Ribbon Panel.  In 1998 Brian created Media Broadcast Services, MBS has produced commercials, corporate videos, and TV pilots/promo including THE BOXERS WORKOUT, THE BUSH WARS, WARRIOR, MAKING CONNECTIONS, HEART OF HOLLYWOOD.

In 1989, Brian went on as Co-Producer/Cameraman on Panama War Cops, a behind-the-scenes documentary, one of the first to be embedded with US Military troops during first weeks of the Invasion “Operation Just Cause”. PANAMA WAR COPS won a coveted Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board in 1998. Brian also was Facilities Operation Manager for over the air broadcast stations KNET-TV channels 24/38 from 1993-1997.  From 1981-87 Brian worked for Columbia Pictures and Editel in Hollywood, CA. He worked his way up to Quality Control Supervisor and Colorist for their film-to-tape transfer department. Brian expedited the delivery for hundreds of films, commercials, TV series and MOW’s for network broadcast and home video release. Some titles included: Blue Thunder, Tootsie, and Blue Lagoon as well as responsible for hundreds of commercials nationwide.

He began working in television while attending College at Cal-State University in Chico CA while working at the CBS affiliate CH., 12 as a licensed FCC 1-Class engineer with his microwave endorsements. He then joined the staff at San Francisco State collage as an instructor. After a two years at the University he moved on to Los Angeles where he was hired at their ABC-Television Center and had technical oversight of numerous network broadcasts eg., Dating Game; Price Is Right etc. He then took a position at Universal/MCA and soon became their supervisor and trainer at their Mastering Department for Disco-Vision (the highly successful technology developed company with Phillips Electronics that soon became today’s DVD).

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