FullSizeRender-35Snider is defying the odds of indie rock, and this collection is as good as it gets”

When I first created The Naked Truth in late 1990, I never knew how it would allow me to become a tv/radio programmer by reviewing and critiquing thousands of bands, and  many became famous.  The very first episode of The Naked Truth featured an Atlanta band, Marching Two Step.  I had seen the band many times and felt they were game changers, little did  I know that their singer/guitarist would quit the band to form Collective Soul, and we all know how it turned out for Ed Roland and the boys from Stockbridge, GA.  So I think I can pick’em as the say in the south. Back in the early days of cable tv show, I had to contact labels, publicists,  just to make a request to cover or interview a band.  Many times it was harder than getting into the White House.  But after a lot of persistance it paid off, I finally got serviced by all the major labels. In that time, I made great friends. Friends like Mary Kammerer at Atlantic, who by the way begged me to come to New York in November, 1992 for CMJ-Music Marathon, to see and critique a brand new band from San Diego called Stone Temple Pilots. Well, STP was booked to play a club called The Banque(spelling anyone?). I had already gotten a sample three song demo CD from Atlantic, and I loved it. The band unfortunately, had the PA blow in the first song, and it was a wrap for that show, but it wasn’t too long till they were number one with a bullet.

But getting an opportunity to hear new music for the first time, and before the masses was cool as sh*t.  Now, after I did get serviced by the labels, my doorstep became a place of joy. Everyday, I would wake up from my overnight shift at CNN Headline News in the middle of the afternoons, and I would find shipment upon shipment from labels. Mulitple shipping bags of cd’s, ¾ inch music videos, posters, bios, swag, t-shirts, you name it piled up. Yes, I had a real tv job while getting my show off the ground, but I tried to keep that separate. But as time wore on, I got noticed more and more at CNN by people who didn’t know me, but saw my show.   It was an incredible time, as it was the early 90’s pre-grunge era that eventually spawned the Seattle music scene, and the rest is history. Bands like Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, all were on The Naked Truth.  I got Kid Rock’s first record when he was 15, and he was a talented rapper, but very raw.

Labels were hungry for new outlets, and I remember Caprice Carmona from Sub Pop, Wendy Griffiths from Warner Brothers, Gary Fisher at Columbia, Jeannie Samois from Charisma, John Warden from Megaforce. All amazingly cool people, who would talk for days, selling me to play King’s X, Life, Sex, and Death  Urge Overkill, Alice in Chains and hundreds more.  But getting a chance to sample new music was what I really digged back then. Over the years, I can estimate that I have received thousands of cd’s, downloads, Soundcloud pages, and ReverbNation link’s to indie LP’s.  That brings me to my latest review, and it’s a dousy.  Over the past year, I got to know an artist who had been filling in as a guest MC for an amazing weekly rockstar jam session show in Los Angeles called, Ulitmate Jam Night. Ultimate Jam Night aka UJN, is a power packed rock show with the biggest names in rock doing all-star like performances of some of rock and roll’s greatest hits, bands, eras and themes. This guest MC however had his own gig and a powerful singing voice as well.

jesse-vid-stillsMEET JESSE SNIDER

gs8a2513When you first meet Jesse Snider aka Jesse Blaze Snider, you realize he is just the coolest, nicest, accommodating  person, ever.  And for the music business that is a rarity. But if you sit Jesse down and actually have a conversation, he will really enligthen you even more. Just give him a mic, and roll sound.  I did have the opportunity to interview him  in June of 2016, and whoa, did he have a lot to say. Here is a link to that episode of The Naked Truth. ( http://( ) What I didn’t know, was he was working on a Lp, that would later become one of my favorites of 2016.  Simply put, this guy is an incredible artist and you need to check out his music. This LP, would bring me back to the 90’s, and man it is such a great record.  Oh, yeah I forgot to mention his family geneology, as his father is the one and only, Dee Snider, the infamous frontman, lead singer for the legendary Twisted Sister. Jesse’s mom, Suzette Snider, designed all of the TS stage outfits, and actually was pregnant with Jesse while she was working on the original outfits in the early 80’s.  Jesse is living proof the Snider clan is about musical genius.

A little music-backstory on Jesse goes like this.  He grew up as a child watching  his father on TV, just trying to understand it all.  After watching and learning from the master with his siblings, a young Jesse knew early on he was destined for the stage.  Jesse has been on MTV as a on-camera personality, and host.  He has been the frontman for several acts including one of his most well-known groups, Baptized By Fire aka BXF.  That group formed in 2006, just a bunch of young talented artists with a lot of passion for making music.  Overcoming tragedy and years of auditions, they finally released an EP in 2007 titled, Juggernaut. Here is a clip of Jesse’s new band doing Juggernaut.  ( )  He is fearless on-stage, and musically speaking, Jesse’s voice is as powerful as his fathers and he might have more range and diversity in his vocal style than Dee, and that’s not a knock either. Actually, I spoke with Dee and he is one proud papa.   But Jesse is multi-talented and also is an in-demand voice over talent, creator of a comic book series/line, and semi-pro football player.

16_cover_v3-2Jesse released his first solo record, 16, on 9.16.2016 and dedicated it to his mother and showcased the new music to an intimate crowd of friends and family at Molly Malone’s in LA . Currently(as of 11.09.2016), 16 is sitting at number four on the LA Rock charts. The Lp is 16 tracks strong with a runtime of 56 minutes, and immediately gets you up off your ass, feet moving and grooving with the opening track, Shut Up. SU is one of my favorite tracks on 16, where it is a precursor to US citizens to in effect-wake up, hurry up, and shut up.  I know, brilliant timing right?  Snider mixes up the tracks, with some rock, some blues,along with some electronic sounds, and a ballad.  He is his own artist, and is nothing like his dad but what he does share with his dad, is fiery powerful live vocals, and he is also the center of attention.  I do love every track. Tracks like- Promise Land, When You Love Someone, Credits Roll, Money Power, Get Wild, Alive, Go With Me are a few. I’d lying if I didn’t mention them all.  Like I said I love the LP.  Below is a link the charts, and if you click on 16, it will take you to the LP page where you can check it all out for yourself.  Please by all means, leave a comment below.  Review the LP yourself.

Molly Malone’s Showcase 09.16.216

jesse-setlist-croppedJesse accepted the showcase gig without even having a band, since all the music was a collection over past 12 years, and he had to scramble to put together a band in 16 days, to play the LP on September 16. Are you seeing a pattern here? Jesse eventually enlisted four LA based rock musicians with Brad Jurjens and Jess P. Tzimas on guitar, bass player Johnny Locke and drummer Brandon Pertzborn.  At the showcase, it was like who’s who in the Snider family, except his beautiful wife Patty, who was out of town, but Jesse pulled off a live dedication to his wife on social media, with his mom, and dad getting down, along with Lita Ford.  Here is a sample-( was his best performance of the night, which included a Johnny Cash cover, and a track off a previous band, Baptized By Fire.

This unit thoroughly enjoyed the crowd.   Mix in a few hecklers (Dee Snider) and the vibe was a cool one.   Peace, love and respect was evident throughout the night.    If there is any doubt Jesse can hold his own as an artist, this showcase was proof.   He kept the audience captivated with his vocal range, power, and connecting with everyone by being himself and very personable demeanor.  The band was solid as Sears, despite only having 16 days to learn the material and rehearse.   Afterwards, Jesse was in demand, as press, fans, and family all were competing for his attention.  To a man, I am suggesting anyone that reads this to give Jesse Snider’s 16 a listen and get up and shake that thing. I give 16 a million tumbs up!!!  -30-


gs8a2374Question & Answer with Jesse Snider-

“She pulled the baby out with one forced push, she didn’t even wait for a contraction.”

DSB– Jesse What a couple of days? You release your solo record, celebrate it’s release on 09.16.2016, your mom’s birthday, and your birthday three days later. Life is good, eh?

JS-Yeah, it feels incredible to have gotten all of this work out finally and the lead up to getting it out was a lot of work, I’m still doing this all myself, so it feels really good to have it all behind me and be through another threshold and onto other things artistically.

DSB– Speaking about the showcase, how do you feel it went? Were you nervous to perform in front of Dee? Talk about the band too…

JS–Ha. I’m not really nervous to perform in front of anybody and my dad is one of my biggest cheerleaders anyway. We’ve performed together dozens of times and he has seen me play a thousand times by now. You gotta remember I’ve been playing clubs since I was 17 and I just turned 34. I’m not Dee Snider’s kid, I’m Dee Snider’s adult.

I’m sure it put some pressure on the band, but we never spoke about it. They had a number of their peers and idols in the audience, but they were awesome. I was proud of them. Only two rehearsals, we sounded way tighter than that.



DSB— Talk about being an independent artist. Why have you chosen that route, or has it chosen you?

JS-A combination of things for sure. But largely I’ve never been offered anything that I thought was worth signing on for. The record deals are  shit. Been waiting for something that would make it worth leaving my kids to go on the road. I put out this record to kickstart that process a bit.

DSB-“16” is quite impressive and quite diverse. Did you plan it that way? I mean I hear at least three radio formats. Was that the plan?

JS–Well, I genuinely like all kinds of music and finding a sound without a consistent band proved impossible. Some of it began as an experiment, but as time went on I saw that I would be able to weave them all together and create an album with many different experiences but one consistent narrator.

DSB– Your wife was away for the showcase, and you were able to go live on social media and dedicate “when you love someone” to her. Considering the last 6 weeks, how has she been your rock throughout your marriage and career?gs8a2435-6

JS–My wife and I have been together 16 years it will be half our lives on December 1st. The life of a writer and musician is uncertain and I have tried to help mitigate that by getting as much voice over work as humanly possible on my road to billionaire rockstardom. But I’m constantly investing in myself and my art, theoretically gambling with my children’s futures. We’ve gone through our share of tough times in life and as a couple and we have figured out how to get through and raise some amazing kids. So, yeah, you could say she’s my rock. Ha, ha.

DSB– You had a nice intimate setting for the showcase at Molly Malone’s, who was on the guest list, and what were they saying?

JS-I’m a little embarrassed to name drop, I was really honored by all the artists who I respect who were there for me that night, the least of which my father, who I kinda suspected might be there. The craziest one was Lita Ford who put this awesome custom handcuff on my wrist after the show and told me if anyone asked to tell them Lita Ford gave it to me after my debut concert. I was beyond honored.

DSB-You dedicated “go with me” to your mom, which was written for your daughter. How important is your mom and all the women, in your life, to you?

JS-I have some pretty exceptional women in my life. My mom is an incredible artist in her own right, she was a prodigy and went off to the Fashion Institute of Technology at 16. She is a very loud voice in my mind. There was a lot to learn from her growing up. She’s the one responsible for Twisted Sister’s iconic look. She can draw, make clothes, decorate house, do make up, cut and color hair. Some minor construction. What ya need? Ha, ha, ha

DSB-You claim Dee, your father, is a man of few words. What did he tell you in your ear, right after the show?

JS-I don’t quite remember, I’m pretty sure he told me I kicked fucking ass. Oh, I remember, he said, he wanted to run up on stage and whisper in my ear that I was perfectly on pitch, because he saw me plugging one ear during a song early in the set and he said I was pitch perfect. Was nice to hear. And he said the bit about kicking ass. That is really the high compliment in the snider family. How’d he do? He kicked ass! we hope to at least. We aspire to kick some ass. Ha.

DSB–I saw him dancing to your music, and caught him on camera actually, and he acknowledged that I got him on camera. Is he a good dancer?

JS-Not traditionally much of a dancer, no. I’m actually kind of surprised. My music is so groovy it made Dee Snider let loose. He hates disco. Ha,ha.


DSB-Your band? Was it nerve wracking putting one together for such an important show for you? Who are they, and who else outside of the band helped you get this band together?

JS-Nerve wracking? I suppose it could have been. These days I kinda trust that if I just go with the flow the universe will work everything out on its own. It’s been working rather well for me like that so I’ve been sticking with it.

I got all my guys through the recommendations of musician friends on Facebook. I had a half dozen of every instrument reach out to me and I went through the people who were interested, listened to some of their recordings and went with my gut. Ultimately picking guitarists Jess P. Tzimas and Brad Jurjen, bass player Johnny Locke and phenominal 21 year old drummer Brandon Pertzborn.

















DSB-What is the “gameplan” for “16”? will you take the band on the road? Who will watch the babies

JS-Yeah, the road has been calling me. I may end up with multiple bands for the immediate future, a couple different chapters of the JBS experience. Ha, ha. I may reach out to my old band to do some New York gigs around Christmas. But once there’s a bit more money to go I’m really looking forward to going to play over in Europe. My kids unfortunately won’t be joining me for a while. It’s just too expensive to fly them all around with me. But one day in the future I hope they’ll be able to travel with me sometimes. Depending on what the future holds my wife may take my kids back to New York to be closer to her family. We’ll see.

Largely, the plan is to support the record with the right shows and as many cool cheap music videos as I can make while I search for the right record deal or publishing contract or investment for my music.

DSB-Ok, last but not least, tell us the #parkerpryde #bornonthe405 story pretty please?

JS-My wife waited a little late to leave the house for the hospital and she went into labor on the way. She didn’t tell me so I didn’t even slow down the car. I was twenty minutes away from the hospital and speeding to get there and out of the corner of my eye I see her pull her pants to her knees and put her hands between her thighs. By the time I finally got the balls to look over at her the baby’s head was already out and between her legs. She pulled the baby out with one forced push, she didn’t even wait for a contraction. The baby cried that perfect amount that babies cry and relaxed on my wife’s stomach. It was the most surreal experience of my life and the fifteen minutes on the way to the hospital after that was one of the best experiences of my life. The baby was fine, we had this insane secret, that only we knew, and it was a great story with a happy ending. We had our fourth and final child. It felt right. Her name was already Parker, named for Peter Parker, Spider-man. But maybe we should have named her Parkway instead. Ha.